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Nov 20, 2012 2:30pm PST
remain in control of goma. clucks in >> order coming in of a ceasefire. hamas officials are saying a deal has been reached. >> israel and indeed to say the talks are ongoing. benjamin netanyahu has put in a call saying it's time to choose between peace and the sword. >> they are awaiting confirmation of a truce as they continue strikes ... and they continue rocket attacks. >> ceasefire talks at a crucial stage as negotiators continue to shuttle between israel and gaza. a delegation of arab league 04 ministers and other turkish counterparts meeting with hamas earlier in gaza. it's unclear if the visit was aimed of brokering a ceasefire or whether was a show of solidarity with hamas. egypt is at the center of international efforts to mediate a truce between israel and hamas. u.s. secretary general ban ki moon is lending his support. >> my message is clear. all sides must avoid fire. further escalating the situation will put the entire region at risk. >> our leaders, he traveled to jerusalem with talks -- to talk with benjamin netanyahu. he condemned the attacks and the loss of civili
Nov 23, 2012 2:30pm PST
20 kilometers away from goma, and they now have their sights on the capital kinshasa. >> the crisis is causing a major humanitarian problem. >> thousands are fleeing the rebels in east congo, cramming into makeshift rebel camps -- refugee camps with no food. amid the chaos, 1000 children have been separated from their parents. rebels took goma, a key target earlier this week. there was no blood bath. the rebels are well-trained and equipped with heavy weapons. the government cozy army is poorly armed and demoralized -- the government's army is poorly armed and demoralized. >> is it an army? what is it? it is not able to protect the border. it is not able to protect this side of the congo, and they have capitulated faster than you can say the word capitulation. i do not think they are capable. they do not have the capacity, and they do not have the wherewithal to do what they are being tasked with to do. >> wrote -- many rebels took part in an earlier uprising and joined the congolese army as part of a peace deal. now they have gone back to being rebels. they accuse the army of break
Nov 21, 2012 4:00pm PST
the grievances of the march 23 rebel group. they have taken control of the eastern city of goma. they are true -- they are providing military support to the end 23 rebels. the rebels have taken a second city and say they will march on the capital. goma. the report from >> just days ago, these men were fighting in the bush. today, they are in a city of millions of habitants. -- inhabitants. they wait to hear what the future will hold in gomer under rebel control. the residents of the condo, the one that and you gotta continued to -- rwanda and uganda and continued to be concerned. this police captain told us he was not here willingly. he said he had no choice but to submit. the senior commander addresses the crowd. he promises order, security, and to improve people's lives. he also vowed to continue to live -- continue the fighting all the way to the capital is necessary. >> do they want the rebels to stop and go more, or do they want them to carry on? there is encouragement from the crowd. yes, they say, carry-on. they feel they have all of the bargaining chips to get the congolese go
Nov 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
we hope will be cleared. i've been to eastern congo twice, 2005 and 2010, goma. goma is one of those places you'll never forget once you visit it. this is one of the poorest places on earth. you see the poverty in every direction, you see the disease, you see the victims of war in every direction because there's been an ongoing war in this part of the world which literally rivals some of the great wars of our history in terms of the innocent people who have been killed, maimed, raped, and have suffered displacement and on top of all of these things in goma is an active volcano which erupted not many years ago covering this godforsaken part of the world with lava. and it troubles me to go there and see the suffering that goes on every day. and the ongoing war that is taking place, the rebel groups, m-23, have now taken over sections of eastern congo. eastern congo is known as the rape capital of the world. one of the tactics of war is to rape the women of any age in front of their families and then force these women many times to kill other members of the family who witnessed it
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
around goma have been displaced. the n. says mo violence could drastically increase the flood of refugees. >>> thousands of people waiting to go home. tons of debris waiting for disposal. vast tracts of land waiting to be restored. overcoming the challenges of japan's 2011 disaster won't be easy, but step by step, people are moving forward. find out how on "the road ahead" every wednesday at 1:00 p.m. japan time right here on "newsline." >>> a four-legged robot is poised to go where no one has gone before, inside the damaged reactors at fukushima daiichi. researchers at electronicsmaker toshiba developed the animal-like machine to help emergency workers know what they're dealing with inside the destroyed reactors. the radio-controlled robot stands about one meter tall, has four 70-centimeter long legs, six video meras and a radiation detector. it can step over obstacles up to 40 centimeters high and climb up and down stairs. a small vehicle fitted with a camera can be unloaded from the top of the robot to roam tiny spaces like the undersides of pipes. toshiba officials say the machine can
Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
the democratic republic of congo and the u.n. reporting gunfire in and around the city of goma. drc government rejected peace talks. they say rwanda is stoking the peace and rest. >> a team of astronauts from the international space station has made it safely back to work. the capsule landed in kazakhstani with a russian, american, and japanese crewmember all reported to be in good health ending their four month mission in space. now to sports where it is shaping up to be a real nail biter in formula one. this year's title will be decided in the final race of the season. >> it is a two-man race. neither of them were faster than louis hamilton in austin, texas, in the mclaren. >> louis hamilton taking the it checkered flag. he was looking at the positives. what i'm very happy today for the team in particular. it is a fantastic championship. thanks to all of you. >> he started from the pole position and led for much of the race. his rival was pressing hard. the furry driver started from some of on the grid. alonzo moved into third after the red bull teammate dropped out with a terribl
Nov 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
theysmz entered goma$et4<7úc?@$e north, chasing away billkoçñ-tt with loyalist forces gone, rebel forces whatf!(ç did largely unopposed. only a few people were willing to show their faces on the protect the civilian populations could only stand by and watchffv. the army was defeated,r & ÷lób' defeated. g 2r of battling the rebelswith mn troops. /)<7zhÑr.the goverpkie# allegations. decades, the democraticf@bd@nsx republic of[s been at the center of almost a prominent conflict involving countries t the cost of more than 5 million lives. o> it was carried in the house of bishops and clergy is and lost in the house of liety. >> in the end, it was down to a handful of votes in the late people of the church. then, it was tears for those who hoped that women could become bishops. >> i am shocked. i feel that the house of liety has betrayed the whole country's trust in the church. >> women should not be barred from being in the house of bishops. it is ridiculous to have a boys club of
Nov 22, 2012 5:30pm PST
regional capital goma. the people watched and waited. the rebels have been gathering weapons there by fleeing government soldiers. rwanda has security concerns and economic interests in this part of congo. by taking goma, their proxies have ensured that the rwandans will negotiate for a position of strength. the withdrawal of british support, a price they may feel worth paying. >> sreenivasan: the u.n. children's agency says the violence in eastern congo has already forced 100,000 people to flee, more than half of whom are children. americans at home and abroad celebrated the thanksgiving holiday today. president obama-- in a weekly address-- urged the country to put aside partisan differences and unite. in new york, the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade wound its way through the streets of manhattan, as the area still copes from the aftermath of hurricane sandy. elsewhere, volunteers served thanksgiving meals to needy families at homeless shelters across the country, like this one in washington, d.c. turkey and all the trimmings were also served to u.s. troops overseas at base
Nov 21, 2012 8:00am PST
prompted many people to flee toward goma and rwanda and a major id p camp has been virtually emptied. previously, the round 60,000 people there. >> the and 23 rebels are rwandan from hundreds of congolese soldiers turned themselves in to them, surrendered in goma. the united nations has disclosed a number of new aids infections has declined by half in 25 of the world's poorest countries. the unaids chief said the eradication of aids is within reach. >> we're already achieving the minimal development goals of halting in reversing the aids epidemic. new hiv infections in aids- related deaths are declining. we still have only three countries in the world. thailand, uganda, and senate all as a model. today, 25 countries have reduced new infection by more than 50%. >> despite the progress made, some 2.4 million people were infected with aids last year while only 1.4 million received life-saving treatment for the first time. the u.s. government has joined with some of its biggest foreign rivals in opposing an international moratorium on capital punishment. the u.n. general assembly voted a
Nov 9, 2012 2:30am PST
sostén se te subía demasiado. >> sí, este me queda perfecto. >> la goma de este sostén se te clava completamente. tienes toda esta zona enrojecida, se te forman lonjitas y lonjitas y no queremos que eso pase. >> no. >> tu espalda tiene que quedar lisa y tu pecho sujeto. muy bien, chelsea. esto está muchísimo mejor, mira qué bien y qué lisa te queda la espalda, está uniforme. no te salen lonjitas. te proporciona la sujeción delantera que necesitas. este es tu sostén. este sostén no te queda bien. te queda demasiado pequeÑo. necesitas más sujeción adelante. los tirantes se te clavan en en los hombros. está claro que no te forma un pecho demasiado bonito. ¿y ahora qué opinas, jazelle? >> dios mío, es increíble. me sienta muy bien. >> ¿te resulta cómodo? >> muy cómodo. >> desde el punto de vista estético, hay una diferencia abismal. una de las ventajas de comfortisse bra es que realza el escote, ahora es mucho más bonito con este sostén. el pecho queda completamente sujeto y la espalda te queda preciosa. este sostén te queda muchísimo mejor. >> cuando me compro
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm PST
gobierno, los descontentos prendieron barricadas, y los oficiales respondieron con balas de goma. >>> armados con piedras, unos estudiantes enfrentaron a las autoridades en una protesta en haiti, cientos de jóvenes tomaron las calles en la capital, en repudio de la muerte de un estudiante, y fueron reprimidos con gases lacrimógenos. >>> un ataque sangriento dejó a seis estudiantes heridos, en méxico, los oficiales fueron emboscados por sicarios armados, las autoridades están buscando a los responsables. >>> un espeluznante escenario hallaron en una casa de perú, donde una pareja fue asesinada por equivocación, las víctimas fueron acribilladas a balazos por dos pistoleros, el hombre murió en el acto y su esposa está en el hospital, una vecina confesó después que era a ella a quien buscaban los asesinos. >>> compareció ante una corte de nueva york pedro hernández, el hispano que confesó haber asesinado a ethan path, y el abogado defensor insiste en la inocencia de su defendido. >>> es la primera vez que aparece ante la prensa pedro hernández, de origen puertorrique
Nov 28, 2012 9:00am PST
promised to with draw 12 miles outside of goma. there is a peace deal that perhaps is under way but you've got rebels making demands as well. where are we in this? >> reporter: well, suzanne, the rebels have made a long list of demands. some of them unrealistic. they've asked for better terms of the peace deal which they are in fact named after. they split from the government earlier this year. they are part of the army in the congo, suzanne. they left around april. since then, they've been pushing south towards the capital of the region goma and last week they came in effectively in the end without a fight. the u.n. forces looked on, the peacekeepers looked on as they took this key city and the government soldiers fled. just who are m-23? as i described, they used to be part of the army and many people say -- >> we've lost him. i want to go to -- i want to follow up with this because we're talking about the rebel takeover of goma and creating what is a nightmare situation on the ground for the people there. u.n. officials are saying that 140,000 people have been forced from their h
Nov 27, 2012 9:00am PST
-out war, so-called m23 rebels who seizes the eastern city of goma last week ordered to leave by midnight. david mckin zi reports they've ignored the deadline and everyone's waiting for the next move. >> reporter: a rebel group ignored intense international pressure to withdraw from a key city to create a buffer zone before peace talks can begin. tuesday an m23 rebel leader say they aren't going anywhere until the demands are met. the list of the demands is long, m23 wants political prisoners to rebe released, targeting killings investigated and the national eelections commission to be sacked. the bottom line m23 staying put until demands are met. indirect negotiations with the president. he warned that they will continue fighting all the way to the capital kinshasa and overthrow the government. drc government spokeman talked to cnn. he called the demands foolish and childish. he said m23 don't know what they are doing and aren't serious about talking. m23 consolidating its grip on goma to set up moves with a local administration. the demands shatter hopes of a swift, diplomatic
Nov 25, 2012 3:00am PST
goma. there are also fears that armed factions are recruiting children into the ranks. >> m 23 has apparently grown significantly in numbers over the past days and there are other armed grouped operating in the area, which raises the likelihood of the recruitment of children, particularly those children who have already been recruited and separated from armed groups. >> it's not clear if the rebels will agree to stop fighting but there are reports that the meeting went well. >>> a newspaper editor has quit his job. michael oh cain resigned from the irish daily star this weekend. in september it once of several european papers that showed pictures of the princess topless. >>> three-time world boxing champ will be buried in new york. the 50-year-old was taken off life support and pronounced dead yesterday hchl e had been declared clinically brain dead two days on thursday after a gunman shot him. >>> it is a mystery that has lingered for eight years. was yasser arafat murdered? we may find out tuesday. forensic scientists will skrexh the body of him and take tests for poisoning. rumo
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Nov 26, 2012 3:00pm PST
from goma in the democratic republic of congo. despite a midnight deadline that passed an hour-and-a-half ago. thousands of civilians displaced by the fighting there are swelling the size of the displacement camp 4.5-miles from the city. >>> 36 more shopping days. 29, 36 until the fiscal cliff. 29 more shopping days until christmas. we'll talk about the fiscal cliff part with the fox all-stars when we return. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ "the odd couple" theme playing ] humans. even when we cross our "t"s and dot our "i"s, we still run into problems -- mainly other humans. at liberty mutual insurance, we understand. that's why our auto policies come with accident forgiveness if you qualify, where your rates won't go up due to your first accident, and new car replacement, where if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else th
Nov 23, 2012 9:00am PST
. >>> they're advancing towards the next battleground. peace keep nerz goma were fighting between rebels and government soldiers. this yash has been embroiled in violence since 1994. it has left thousands of people displaced. now thousands more are running for their lives. david mckenzie reports now from neighboring nairobi, kenya. >> reporter: they are left with a wider war in the center of africa. the m23 rebel group took a key town on friday of government forces and alliance militia. thousands of civilians were seen flying, sometimes carrying all their possessions on their backs. the u.k. charity says that more than 100,000 people need humanitarian assistance in this crisis. now there's a move to try to solve the growing conflict at the negotiating table. the mrekz have been summoned to use quanneda to try to find a way to find peace, but the international observers believe that because the u.n. peacekeeping force watched as m23 took the key city of goma earlier this week, they might be emboldened to push on. they say they want to "liberate" the entire of the country and move all the way
Nov 25, 2012 12:00pm PST
trade and commerce, but for humanitarian reasons there are things going on right now in goma where we need to be involved in a humanitarian in a major way, because what's happening there is awful. we have to be involved. it affects the whole middle east. i've traveled through the middle east and all the leaders there say what happens between israel and the palestinians will determine the rest of the middle east relationships to israel. which is the potential for war. >> heather i'm curious, how much the u.s. posture matters. if i'm over-interpreting how much the u.s. posture matters. >> i was in the clinton state department, the clinton white house the last time there was a serious major effort to reach a deal that fell apart at the end. the thing i would say to you, we do not matter as much as we did in 1999. we are not the only dynamic that determines whether there is peace or war between israel and the palestinians, i would push back a little bit on what hussein said. while not taking away from u.s. responsibility. you put up those numbers at the beginning of the show. almost half
Nov 29, 2012 12:00am PST
of goma by friday. the group is made up mainly of soldiers who deserted the congolese army last april. u.n. experts and the congolese government say rwanda is backing the rebels, in a bid to seize mineral wealth. the rebels deny the charge. three b.p. employees were arraigned in new orleans today on charges stemming from the 2010 oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. the charges ranged from manslaughter to concealing information. the two rig supervisors and a former executive pleaded not guilty. separately, the u.s. environmental protection agency barred b.p. from new federal contracts-- indefinitely. it cited a lack of business integrity. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to margaret. >> warner: the palestinian authority will make an historic move tomorrow at the united nations, despite being discouraged by the united states. for palestinian president mahmoud abbas, it is a moment of diplomatic and political opportunity. tomorrow's vote in the u.n. general assembly. >> we are going tomorrow to the united nations to upgrade the status of palestine to an observer
Nov 22, 2012 12:00am PST
' side today. they could be seen laying down their weapons in goma-- a day after rebels captured that city. rebel leaders have vowed to take control of the entire country, including its capital, kinshasa. meanwhile, a new united nations report concluded that rwanda and uganda are providing direct military support to the rebels. both countries have denied those claims. general john allen-- the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan is back in kabul today to resume his duties. he'd been in washington to testify before congress when he became embroiled in the scandal of david petraeus. allen is now under investigation by the pentagon for potentially inappropriate emails with a woman linked to the scandal. allen will continue his duties in afghanistan during the probe, while his nomination for commander of u.s. european command and top nato general remains on hold. india has executed the last surviving attacker from the 2008 terror attack that killed 166 people. mohammed ajmal kasab was hanged in secret early today at a jail in pune. public celebrations broke out across the country as
Nov 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
city of goma, where they took control last week. government forces have pulled back to minova, trying to regroup. meanwhile, tens of thousands of people have fled the fighting for makeshift camps in the countryside. aid workers are struggling to provide them with food, clean water, and shelter. the u.n. accuses the neighboring states of rwanda and uganda of secretly backing the rebels, a charge they deny. the estimated damage done by hurricane sandy in new york has risen again to $42 billion. governor andrew cuomo announced the new figure today. it includes $32 billion for repairs and restoration and almost $10 billion more for measures to prevent damage from the next major storm. the state, along with new york city, will ask for federal disaster aid based on the damage tally. one of the legendary bands of rock 'n' roll is marking its golden anniversary. the rolling stones celebrated 50 years last night in london, with the first of five shows in the united kingdom and the u.s. nina nannar of independent television news filed this report. >> two and a half hours, 23 songs, and 50 years
Nov 20, 2012 5:30pm PST
war. at least 88 died in the conflict. rebels in eastern congo have taken the key city of goma, forcing congolese government forces to withdraw. thousands of refugees fled today as the rebels pushed into the city. some 1,500 u.n. peacekeepers and armor stood aside, and did not try to block the advance. congo has accused neighboring rwanda of backing the rebels in an effort to control the region's mineral wealth. federal prosecutors in new york announced charges today in what could be the single biggest insider trading payoff ever. mathew martoma allegedly used confidential information about an alzheimer's drug to make more than a quarter-billion dollars. at the time, in 2006, he managed a hedge fund portfolio. for more, we turn to david voreacos of bloomberg news. >> thank you for having me. sreenivasan: first off how did this alleged scream work. what kind of information was being traded? >> well, the prosecutors today in new york allege that a hedge fund advisor at f.a.c. capital advisors in connecticut which is run by billiaire seve cohe gathered inside information about an
Nov 29, 2012 10:00am PST
steps in supporting the u.n. security council resolution that calls for m23 to withdraw from goma and negotiate a path forward that reduces tensions and violence in the critical part of the eastern congo. >> senator, thank you very much. thank you for your attention to a subject that doesn't get enough attention in washington. >>> republican leaders have put revenues on the table but waiting on president obama to give and offer something up on ballooning federal retirement programs like medicare. the author of "tap dancing to work," a collection she's updated and expanded on the best buffett articles fortune published between 1966 and 2012. a pleasure to have you here today. thank you very much. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. wonderful to be here. nice to talk to you at some other time than breakfast. >> exactly. often too early at breakfast. >> that's right. >> i wanted to ask you about the current arguments about the fiscal cliff. and your perspective as senior editor who has seen so many of these negotiations in the past. mitch mcconnell's office issued a state, it's a
Nov 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
defied a call to withdraw from the city of goma. they say they're going the remain in control of the city until the demands are met. including releasing political prisoners and dismissing the national election commission. the congo administration minister -- residents fear they'll be caught in the cross-fire, and what's been happening there is hard to imagine. >>> bob dole has been hospitalized. an aide says dole self-checked into walter reid for a routine procedure and will be discharged tomorrow. they say he's doing very well. there were questions raised about his health today after senate majority leader harry reid indicated on the floor that he was there for something more than a check-up. he talked about his love for him. >>> well, it has been 481 days since this country lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? there's good news today, consumer confidence hit a new high, september home prices were up from a year ago. >>> and now our fourth story outfront. coming clean on benghazi. susan rice went to capitol hill today to clear the air. she said, look, the ta
Nov 19, 2012 5:30pm PST
troops near the eastern city of goma, in a region rich in minerals. the rebels had promised to stop fighting and to join peace talks. but congo's government refused to participate. itccused neighboring rwanda of supporting the insurgents. in washington, state department spokeswoman victoria nuland warned the fighting is creating thousands of new refugees. ere are now some 60,000 people displaced just in the past three days, 500,000 since january, and threatens threats to hundreds of thousands more. we're also particularly appalled by the incredible spike in violence and m-23's decision to renew its military campaign. >> sreenivasan: congo and rwanda have already fought two wars in recent years. the government of rwanda has denied supporting m-23. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: and we turn to another deadly conflict in the middle east, the syrian civil war. according to one activist group, the battle between government forces and rebels has claimed the lives of more than 37,000 people. margaret warner is on a reporting trip to the region filin
Nov 5, 2012 7:00am EST
, está muy chévere. >>> lo que hacen es dañar las gomas ♪. >>> amigos de despierta américa la naturaleza parece ensañarse con nueva jersey al asustarlso con un leve temblor de magnitud 2 después de azotarlos con la supertormenta sandy, el epicentro del temblor fue en el norte del estado, los vecinos dijeron que además del temblor se escuchó un fuerte estruendo. >>> continuamos en esa región del país, donde los conductores hacen largas filas para conseguir gasolina para sus autos y generadores, las largas colas han sido en 242 gasolineras, algunos especuladores venden el galón de combustible por internet hasta en 20 dólares >>> en el resto de la nación la realidad es completamente distinta a la que enfrentan ahí ,porque el combustible bajó 21 centavos, el 3 dólares con 55 centavos es el precio, los conductores de memphis es quienes pagan menos, con 3 dólares con 11 centavos, pero en san francisco tienen que desembolsar 4 dólares con 5 centavos por galón, es el precio más caro del país ♪. >>> el presidente barack obama y mitt romney están a solo unas cuadras de la casa
Nov 27, 2012 7:00am PST
comenta hoy. entérese ahora como consumir goma de mascar, le va a salir bien caro, sí señor >>méxico lindo y querido, pues mi méxico se prepara para darle la bienvenida a thalía, detalles de lo que ella quiere hacer, lo tenmos en el revoltillo. >>y ya viene, quien creen, chiquibaby >>noticias que interésan a los inmigrantes, muy buenas. ya volvemos ♪. ♪. ♪.. ♪.. (cantando) ♪.. ♪.. >>un saludo a la comunidad hispana, nuestra gente latina, sobre todo de puerto rico >>saludamos hoy martes 27 de noviembre del 2012. que rico compartir un dia más con ustedes, muchas gracias por permitirnos compartir junto a ustedes >>de familia a familia >>y quiero que me platiquen, que se comenta hoy >>esta muy interésante, ahora mascar chicle en méxico será más caro. >>así como lo oyen, méxico es el segundo mayor consumidor de chicle en el mundo, el primero es estados unidos ahora quieren subir el valor,por qué porque es más caro sacarlo, limpiarlo, la gente lo tira al suelo, en los munumentos los pegan, y limpiar esto es caro. >>en países ,como singapur, esta prohibido mascar el chicl
Nov 22, 2012 7:00am PST
revisión a alrededor de 150 mil camionetas tacoma porque se les puede caer las gomas de repuesto, los vehículos son los vendidos y registrados en estados con fuertes inviernos, al parecer el plato usado para sostener la llanta se oxida después de un tiempo. >>> tras sobrevivir una decisión de la corte suprema, y una elección presidencial, la ley de cuidado de salud del presidente barack obama enfrenta otro desafío, varios estudios sugieren que la mayoría de estadounidenses de bajos ingresos que serán elegibles no tienen idea qué es lo que viene y de qué forma tienen que solicitarlo. >>> los adolescentes tienen menos probabilidad de cometer delitos cuando toman medicinas como ritalin, athenol y su uso más amplio podría ayudar a reducir el nivel de criminalidad. >>> al menos así los indican nuevas investigaciones que señalan que más de un millón de mujeres han sido tratadas por cánceres que nunca amenazaron sus vidas. >>> amigos, lo que debía ser un día de diversión para un niño de 7 años se convirtió en pesadilla porque el menor quedó atrapado en un tobogán, por
Nov 21, 2012 1:40am PST
rocked that city as residents scattered for cover. peacekeepers in goma did not resist the rebel advance for fear of triggering an all-out battle in the strategically located city. >>> police in indianapolis may be closer to finding out who was behind a deadly house explosion earlier this month. investigators served search warrants at a nearby mobile home park and questioning two people in connection with the case. dozens of homes were damaged or destroyed in the blast which killed two people. >>> the turkey day exodus is expected to tie up highways across the country on this extremely busy travel day. nearly 40 million people are heading to their holiday destinations by car. and aaa recommends getting an early start at least by 7:00 a.m. good news, though, if you're going by air. 75% of the country will be rain-free. certainly good news. passengers can speed things up by using the tsa's new precheck program. some airlines will even let you tag and check your own bag. not bad. keep things moving, folks. >> right. >> the only other major trouble spot for any travelers out there this morni
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